Fate Seeker: Mission
Rogue-Lite martial arts idle game
Fate Seeker: Mission is a 2D action game, which is a sequel to Fate Seeker produced by JSL Entertainment. You will be transformed into a Q version of Chai Shuofeng, enjoy the thrill of fight and the combination of masteries!

Fate Seeker: Journey
Original martial arts Roguelite
Fate Seeker: Journey is an action role-playing game that combines random elements of Roguelite. In this game, you will be the hero to choose talents, obtain items and combine skills to defeat enemies in every stage.

Fate Seeker II
Original martial arts single-player game
In addition to the elements of character development and thinking and exploration in the previous work, this time, combined with the jointless map, creates a high-degree of freedom and realistic world of rivers and lakes. Let the player experience the real-time combat without switching scenes, feel like fighting to hit the quick martial arts.

Fate Seeker
Original Martial Arts action role-playing PC game
You play as “the Chosen One”, destined to change the universe. Wonder freely in countless main storyline, and challenge yourself to solve mysteries, master martial art and nurture friendship or even true love

The Rambler Village
Strategy management class placement casual
Hundreds of years later, Stone of Time sealing was broken, and the Dark Emperor ledthe imperial army to take advantage of the emptiness. The ominous breathe covered the earth again. In order to resist the Dark Emperor, the lords cracks using space-time recruit heroes across time and space together brave front.

Wuxia Master
Relaxed Martial Arts Simulation Game
Story will take place in an ancient far east. You, as the new valiant warrior, had just left your home and came to the capital. You will prepare for World’s Wuxia contest to win the glorious title “Wuxia Master”.You will meet more than 20 different heroes with fascinating talents in this world. You could choose either to befriend them, or to become enemy.

Warriors of Genesis
Paid action role-playing mobile game
“ Warriors of Genesis ”, an ARPG, is based on one of the epic stories from Chinese ancient myth ─ Shan-Hai Jing “Classic of Mountain and Sea”.